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為了提供更精準符合用戶需求的服務與本團隊未來發展的需要,iZone 已於 2018/08/25 宣佈併入新成立的 StackEVO 品牌旗下,同時我們已經將您的帳務資訊全數整併入全新的 StackEVO 帳務中心,在稍早我們也已經寄出用於登入全新帳務中心所需要的登入資訊至您的電子郵件信箱 (如果您未收到通知,建議您可以嘗試使用新帳務中心內建的密碼重設功能或是與我們聯繫取得協助),現在開始您將可以透過 StackEVO 帳務中心存取、管理您的所有 iZone 服務。

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Meet the completely new billing center.

In order to provide better service quality, we had announced that the iZone will be migrated to our newly launched brand, StackEVO and the all-new billing center is now ready, all of your currently in use iZone services are migrated to the new billing center, you can view and manage all of your services via our redesigned billing center experience. (We had sent an e-mail with your new password for the StackEVO billing center, if you didn’t received that notice, please reset your password via the new billing center or simply contact us for help.)

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